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Henna Blueberry Farm

Henna Blueberry Farm
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Our U Pick blueberry farm is located in the fertile Snoqualmie River Valley in Fall City. We're surrounded by a pristine slough that is home to marsh plants and critters.


Our bluberries are on 5 acres. We grow 10 varieties of blueberries. Duke, bluecrop, reka are the dominant varieties. The fertile floodplain soil of Snoqualmie River makes our berries uniquely sweet and delicious.

Although we're not certified organic, we don't use any synthetic pesticides or chemical sprays on berries. We do use a natural fungicide in very early spring to control mummyberry disease which is so common in our region. This fungicide is also allowed in organic farming.


What do we use to grow berries?

Growing your own blueberries.


3 miles, 3 berries, 3 upick farms


Closed for the season 2014.

See you in July 2015










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Fall City, WA
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.Farm Fun

To make your visit enjoyable, have a picnic at our farm.


Here is a partial list of criters that calls our slough, home:

frogs, turtles, beavers(two dams), wild ducks, geese, cranes, and black birds of the marsh.



News from the valley:


06/09/14: Harvold farm and Remlinger farm open for strawberry upick



06/28/14: Harvold farm open for raspberry      u pick




Other Info:

Planting Instructions for blueberries