About Us



I'm Nayab Khan. My wife Henna and I bought the farm in 2002 when our daughters were 2 ​and 4. We grow only blueberries due to our limited time we can spend farming due to our other professions. Hopefully, some day when our plants are grown and more independent, we'll also grow more crops.


I first got interested in blueberry farming by chance en route for camping to Mt Baker's. We stopped at a U-Pick blueberry farm near Concrete. The owners were an old couple in their late 90's. The husband still cared for the 5 acre farm and I was impressed by their health and longevity. My wife and I fell in love with their blueberry farm instantly.


 ​For us picking became as much of fun as eating them. Soon we were taking the 100+ mile trip weekly to their farm in summers. Our family of 4 picked and ate 20 lbs of fresh berries per week. Then we picked some extra. First we ran out of storage in our fridge and then in our freezer.  Then we started picking for charity at my work for United Way campaigns. I think there is nothing more soothing, peaceful, and relaxing than picking berries in the early morning or late afternoon.


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