Organic Fertilizers


We use four types of fertilizers:

  • Cottonseed meal: This is made of crushed cottonseeds with oil extracted from the seeds.


  • Kelp meal: The kelp meal is nutritious for the plants and also for people. Kelp is a sea weed. This spray comes  from Scandinavia; is expensive but our plants really like them and it adds an extra zest to our berries.


  • Comfrey tea: We prepare our own comfrey tea and spray our plants with a dilute solution of this tea during berry season.  Thanks to an avid gardener friend for suggesting this magical formula.


  • Rock phosphate: This is a mineral rock that boosts growth to our plants.


  • Fish Fertilizer Solution: We only use it once in a while to spray the bushes. If you see us spraying in our fields, rest assured that it will be the harmless fish fertilizer that we use.  ​

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